Our Fourth Month - Dec 2018

Ok, I admit...I'm a little late writing this one







Matthew De Maid

Our Fourth Month - Dec 2018

Ok, I admit...I'm a little late writing this one

Ok, I admit...I'm a little late writing this one - it's got to a point in the month (24th January) that I really had to put aside some time for an update otherwise it rolls into the next month. Please forgive me - been making a baby and things...more updates on that later.

We went into December feeling quite good about what we'd collectively achieved since September. We were excited to finish off the year in a positive way and finalise the set up of our new little shop space in Bridge Street, Mount Lofty. David Bennett (Sales + Marketing) began his employment relationship with Ecology Property and started his work remotely, he's started with a listing at 9 Coral Sea Drive in Middle Ridge - a large home on over an acre. It goes to auction early in February. David is a fourth generation Estate Agent, having worked in Real Estate himself for just on 40 years; his level of knowledge and his personal demeanor will be a great asset to our business.

We completed 2018 with 14 Unconditional Sales & had a good amount of Contracts due to go through early in 2019 - making for a fairly stress free, smooth start into the new working year.

The little shop space in Mount Lofty was also pretty complete come the end of 2018 - with some more flat pack furniture assembly and minor details to be put in for our official opening in January 2019 (I really need to write these blog posts more on time, feels odd typing in past tense).

Teleah Brydon has also joined the team to assist me in my day to day activities and to also provide some support to the team as it grows - Teleah joins us from Ray White and will be a great fit for Ecology Property as we grow.

Overall, December 2018 was a "positive but tie up loose ends" kind of month for us - it felt great to finish the year off smiling with the people and space around us - setting us up to have a memorable 2019.

- Matt