Our Seventh Month - Mar 2019

We've lost one & gained two! Exciting times ahead







Matthew De Maid

Our Seventh Month - Mar 2019

We've lost one & gained two! Exciting times ahead

March was a really interesting month for us; some challenges, but a huge amount of growth on the back of those challenges, with some victories thrown in as well. One of our team left the business early in March, which I'll admit was a tricky pill to swallow at the time; mainly because I'm someone who would love for everyone who starts in the business, to stay in the business and prosper with the business - I'm the person who is forever hopeful and honestly, that's something I don't ever want to lose from my character; the reality is that in business, not everyone you hire will be the right fit for your business long term and people coming/going leads to further opportunity and growth - it's interesting too, because I re-learnt how great it feels to have the right people around you everyday.

The departure of one person, in our case... has lead to the exciting opportunity of hiring of two others, Dominic & Alison. Being able to hire two people will lead to them both having to wear 'less hats' so to speak, which will help us all just to be doing the things we're really good at; which ultimately leads to better efficiencies, happier staff and ultimately more momentum.

It wasn't all hiring and firing in March though! Three more listings went up and three more sold stickers went up (one of these was David's in Trafalgar - listed and sold within a few weeks); a well balanced month. We also sought out new training materials to up-skill with, started building new branding materials and ideas that had been in our minds for a little too long and most importantly... we've now got an outdoor setting in our office courtyard! Great for the midday recharge while having lunch

Onward and upward!

- Matt