About Toowoomba Waterbird Habitat

Toowoomba Waterbird Habitat

Toowoomba Bicentennial Waterbird Habitat is a 19 acre natural habitat and park, designed to mimic natural wetlands.

The park features multiple lake formations including three permanent lakes and a shallow lagoon.

It has many different habitat environments that provide for the waterbirds' requirements to feed, roost and nest. Aspects of the habitat include large areas of grassland, mud-banks, deep and shallow lakes, areas of reeds and islands.

The park's natural habitat beauty, incorporating a central pond, mature trees, wildlife and walkways that circumnavigate the lake make it a popular location for walking, jogging and picnics.

Dotted around the park are informational boards which provide interest for park users. There is also a viewing deck/boardwalk that takes park users over the main lake to offer an excellent vantage point to view the waterbirds.

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